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"Patient Advocacy: Healthcare on your side"

Why advimed?

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When medical bills are too obscure & confusing,  

If you waste valuable time with providers or insurance reps in vain,

When you cannot resolve disputed charges,

If you are unsure what is owed, what your rights or the next steps are,

If you need guidance about a treatment or help finding assistance,

When you just cannot deal with statements or EOBs at this time,

If frustration is mounting with no resolution in sight,


 provides the expertise, tenacity, experience and all other essential skills 

required to navigate an ever-changing and complex system, safeguard your rights, and bring you support, resources and guidance.  

Intermédiaire entre vous, vos médecins et assurance maladie, je m'occupe des démarches administratives, négocie des rabais, fais la gestion de vos comptes, conteste remboursements ou factures et vous aide à surmonter les divers obstacles liés au paiement de vos frais médicaux. Je sers de traductrice et vous conseille sur vos options et droits.

Un guide général sur le système de santé aux USA est disponible pour $ 49.95 (anglais). Un sommaire personnalisé de votre couverture assurance avec conseils d'utilisation peut être obtenu pour $20.00.

Contactez-nous pour votre commande ou  question.

Working with you, your insurer & medical providers, I analyze claims, audit  statements, negotiate reduced fees, manage accounts, file appeals and find solutions. I offer research support, trustworthy advise and educational resources. Guiding you through an ever-changing healthcare landscape, I provide detailed explanations, advise appropriate strategy, and use my skills as a certified mediator to help you achieve successful resolutions, keeping your best interests in mind and safeguarding your rights. . I offer oncology-focused customized assistance options. 

 experience, Caring, integrity


expertise in medical billing, pT advocacy  & healthcare mediation

I put my expertise in all aspects of medical billing, my knowledge and understanding of healthcare regulations and my mediation skills to work for you. My goal is to provide you with personalized, expert, dedicated and trustworthy assistance. I pride myself on strong work ethics, compassion and integrity. I abide by the Advocate's Code of Conduct and Professional Standards. 


Patient Advocacy  

Account Management

Bill Auditing

Appeal Management

Fee/Payment Negotiations

Financial Assistance Info

Education Resources

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    About the founder

          Martine Brousse

ADVIMED Founder and President Martine Brousse is a healthcare industry expert with over two decades of medical billing management experience and vast knowledge of the intricacies of navigating all types of payment claim issues. It was in direct response to what I saw as a lack of resources for patients to effectively anticipate and expedite medical expenses that I created AdviMed.  Having run extremely successful, patient-oriented and compliant billing departments, AdviMed was a natural progression for that allows me to apply my thorough understanding of the ever changing medical system in a way that directly and positively impacts patientsʻ lives.  My specialties include Hematology/Oncology, Anesthesia, GP and Surgery, although additional fields are also served.

I give presentations at local Cancer Support Community chapters on strategy, cost-savings measures and available assistance for cancer patients. On NerdWallet, I answer your billing or healthcare related questions as a financial advisor. I freelance for CoPatient and provide personalized analysis and strategy reports for cancer patients on

I Had Cancer

With AdviMed, I have found the ideal avenue to combine an important client service with my personal integrity and commitment to better patients' lives. 



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